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Cras is fashion that just happens to also be sustainable – as it should be...

Cras is a Copenhagen-based label bringing a hyper-glamorous, upbeat aesthetic to responsibly made pieces. Cras takes its name from the Latin ‘tomorrow’ and is rooted in a desire to rethink our fashion and lifestyle consumption to nurture a better future, but without the pious attitude that sometimes comes with sustainability. Cras only works with sustainable materials in order to reduce emissions, pesticides and the use of natural resources. The label’s collections will be made using certified recycled polyester from plastic waste, certified organic cotton, biodegradable and sustainable Lenzing Tencel™, sustainable ECOVERO™ viscose, low impact sustainable ISKO Earth Fit™ denim and wool. In addition, knits are made in Denmark. Packaging and labels are also constructed from recycled materials. 

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Cras Bluse Tarokcras

1.000 DKK
Cras Bluse Tarokcras, er smuk og elegant og med de fineste detaljer.
Farve: Multifarvet.
Materiale: 100 % recycled Polyester.
Vaskeanvisning: 30 Grader.
Stylenummer: C1230-WILD LEO

Cras Skjorte Zoecras

800 DKK
Cras Skjorte Zoecras, er super smart og trendy med nogle rigtig fine detaljer.
Farve: Multifarvet.
Materiale: 100 % genanvendt polyester.
Vaskeanvisning: 30 Grader.
Stylenummer: C1101-BLUE LEO

Cras Skjorte Louloucras

1.000 DKK
Cras Skjorte Louloucras, er super smuk og elegant, samt med nogle rigitg fine detaljer.
Farve: Hvid.
Materiale: 100 % Økologisk bomuld.
Vaskeanvisning: 30 Grader.
Stylenummer: C206-WHITE

Cras Jakke Quiniecras

1.300 DKK 800 DKK
Cras Jakke Quiniecras, er en vatteret spændejakke med volumenærmer, lynlås og knaplukning foran. Jakken er lavet af 100% genanvendt polyester og leveres med matchende foring.
Farve: Multifarvet.
Materiale: 100% genanvendt polyester
Vaskeanvisning: 30 Grader.
Stylenummer: C1210-BIG LEO